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Control Panel and Switchboard Engineering:
We combine intelligence with function

  • More than 20 years of cross-industry experience. Control panel and switchboard engineering, cable assembly including machine installation:
    Our competent team is at your disposal for the entire lines of products and services.

  • Continuous state-of-the-art infrastructure from design to endresult.

  • Lean, highly efficient internal processes and intelligent production facilities.

  • Long-term and loyal employees – many of them started an apprenticeship in our company and have been working for us since. Further development is important for us.

Our strength are the individual consulting, solid engineering services and care in the development of series and customized manufacturing.

Many companies ask us for advice during their development phase. We also help customers with ongoing plans and retrofit projects, or we work directly on their diagrams.




Services provided by companies may be similar. Technical expertise is not. What you are looking for, is the technical knowledge that will enable you to transform your vision and technical standards within the product design, just as you have always intended.


Control panel and switchboard systems have been our passion since the beginning.
Every new task, every challenge, but also every failure is analysed with great care right down  to the basics. With the experience, data and information gained, we have been modifying production methods, infrastructure, production facilities and quality management until they meet our standards. Our goal is to get as close to perfection as possible.


After more than 20 years of uninterrupted learning and development, we are a qualified company that can offer you new solutions and new approaches for your projects.

We look forward to working with you.


Cross-Industry Expertise

Every industry has its own challenges and technical specialities. Thorough examination of this issues results in evaluated and well-founded knowledge. Some of these can be transferred to other industries. In the course time, this results in a broad extensive expertise that raises the quality of work to a new technical level.

We are active in the following industries:

  • Agriculture

  • Industrial Automation

  • Food and Beverage

  • Equipment Engineering

  • Textile Industry

  • Electrical Engineering and Medical Technology

  • Construction Industry

  • Municipal Equipment

  • Energy, Water and Environment

  • Vehicle Manufacturing



Due to our efficient internal processes, we have become an interesting partner for companies abroad. Our services include packaging, shipping, export and customs clearance.

We provide installation on site abroad. With our team, we are able to implement even complex projects promptly.



Högger Systems AG was founded in 1996 by Patrik Högger. Today, approx. 50 employees produce control panels and switchboard systems on more than 2,000 square meters of floor space.

The company grew to what it is today with the continuous optimisation of processes and workflows. New insights were used in the development of facilities, operating equipment and further training. Due to these efforts, Högger Systems AG as a Swiss company is recognised as an interesting business partner all over the world.

Another key concern of the company is to provide continuing further training to its employees. The changes within the industry, the ongoing development of internal operations and digitalisation call for a continuous further education of our employees and apprentices. Many of our employees from different areas of the company started their career with us.


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