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Service, Revisions and Maintenance

Our promise of good quality also applies to the services we offer.

To keep a high standard of our control panels and switchboard systems, we have established our own service department. The focus of this department is to offer prompt service and high efficiency on site for our customers.  We also revise, maintain and service third-party systems.

Call us and we'll be there.



We install switchboards and machines on site.

Our employees perform installations using the complete know-how. After countless installations in various environments, they have achieved a high level of specialisation. This can be seen in short installation time and the flawless quality of the work performed.



Many machines have solid, high-quality mechanics, which should be able to function effectively for many more years to come.  However, their documentation and components may be outdated.  Reactive maintenance may also turn into a production risk.

Individual retrofits are one of our key competences. From design to implementation, you can expect top results from us.

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