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The main factors of good engineering are planners with a broad background of experience, who are able to fully understand a project.
We recognized the challenge of rapidly advancing digitalisation at an early stage and made the necessary investments.


We automated our process for further processing of our customer’s diagrams. With the data from the engineering we feed our various interfaces. Even diagrams that the customer has drawn himself can be prepared for various interfaces.

We rely on E-Plan P8, Pro Panel P8 and Inventor 3D. Using the design data, we create automated interfaces for CNC processing and customisations of longitudinal materials. Using various labelling technologies such as engraving, laser, inkjet process and thermal transfer print we control the labelling of signs, operating equipment, stranded wire and cables.

Careful planning goes hand in hand with a good consulting and with the ability to understand the potential of the order and the associated requirements.

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